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Tulah’s First Day

Today I arrived to maverick for the first time EVER and there was lots of people and Sophie and Joana showed me where the bathrooms for female identifying people are and showed me also where to hang my stuff up I was worried about putting my stuff on someone jumper but apparently it lives here! We all all went upstairs to do a name game and everyone introduced themselvs then did an action e.g. Sophie … *jumps* so everyone else said sophie then *jumps* (Jennifer told us about the name game…she’s my new friend!) then people sat in groups and said how they were feeling most people in the group I was in said they were tired.ME TOO! I said I was nervous (because I was hehe) and every-one else in the room was discussing offerings they wanted to do today. People came downstairs to look at the offerings board and then most of the dudes went to play Minecraft on their devices. (someone had a switch but most people used their personal ipads…from home obvi) then Joana told me what each doodle simbolised.

I did some drawing then on my main drawing I stupidly outlined it with a chisel tip pen and now it looks strange.

People said that they wanted to go to the Park because it was one of the offerings.I took the apple from my lunch box out and it tasted like flour and the texture was like flour.Then almost everyone came to the park . I through the apple over the Parks fence so wildlife could enjoy it. I talked to Jennifer lots and tried to sit on a tire but ended up hugging to wooden pole lol. Just before that I tried monkey bars but it made my arms ache :`( .

Then when I came back I Drank some water and found a girl hiding curled in the bathrooms I got her out and she told me her name was Zoe. We are now friends.I really wanted to go and write a blog so sophie lended me her laptop and I sat in the tent with zoe rolling around and Jennifer writing a script about the use of language.She is currently editing the first scenes script for a video that some people in maverick are going to make.”do you know who wil be- the camera man?” I ask Jennifer.She says it will probably be one of the adults. Cool right 😀

Tulah. New to maverick. Age 12 🙂

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