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Trying Kickboxing

From the perspective of Matilda and Elliot

On Wednesday 22nd March we had our first external offering, with a member of our wider community coming in to share his passion for boxing – with some added kicks! Matilda and Elliot were keen to share their experience here…


Kickboxing is a sport with mix between boxing and martial arts, you will learn a lot of kicks and punches etc. We played a few warmup games and then I learnt a combination of kicking and punching. I also learnt I must never use it on any other person without reason or consent. I now have an interest to start a class because I enjoyed it on Wednesday at Maverick .


Kickboxing is something I do every Friday. I’ve been doing it for about a year now. Next Friday
I’m getting my orange belt for taekwando and kickboxing. Me and another boy Eden have some more experience than others because we have done martial arts and boxing. It was fun all the same and hope to do it more.

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