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Our Practices


I know that I am welcome to show up as my whole self, and will be accepted and valued for who I am. I will tune into my own sense of what feels right and what brings me joy, discovering what I am curious about and what motivates me. I will let my curiosity guide me to the opportunities for learning that are all around me. 


I understand that the choices I make have an impact on others around me, and that consent is vital in balancing my own needs with the needs of others. I am free to say “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know,” and I can expect others to respect my boundaries as I respect theirs. I will act out of care for the people and environment who make up our community.

Learning al(l)ways

I know that this is a space where I am emotionally held and intellectually free. I can choose what I learn and how I learn it, exploring a wide range of available resources including screen-based technologies. I recognise that I am both a teacher and a learner, and my unique set of interests and talents is part of what will enable this community to thrive. 

Community building

I share responsibility for making decisions and managing risk to help keep everybody in the community emotionally and physically safe. I value my relationships with others, and will navigate conflict openly (with appropriate support), respecting the differences among us. I play a role in caring for the social and cultural health of the community as a whole.

Social Justice and Human Rights 

I know that we are more powerful together than apart, without fear, domination or shame. I am open to actively addressing prejudice, discrimination, inequality and injustice so I can care for myself and for the dignity and freedom of all.  I understand that everyone in our community has equal rights, and I will help identify situations where this truth is at risk.


The following agreements have been co-created by everyone at Maverick Learning Community to support us in the time we spend together: